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My favorite ETF reads this week, along with my ETF chart of the week!


Smaller ETF Issuers Unlock Diversification by Cinthia Murphy

“As long as the smaller players bring out their best ideas, and get out there selling them with conviction, diversification in the ETF industry lives on, even if in a top-heavy game.”


The Problem With Labels by Dave Nadig

“You can label these products anyway you want, and investors, and more importantly media, will continue to call them ETFs.”


There Is a Better Way to Push for Better Labeling of ETPs by Ben Johnson

“Tomorrow: ETFs + ETNs + ETIs + ETCs = ETPs?”


Bond ETFs Survived Their First Big Crisis by Claire Ballentine and Katherine Greifeld

“ETFs did what we expected them to do.”


ETF Chart of the Week:  Same story, different year.  This annual chart has become a classic within the asset management industry.  While everyone knows the story of money flowing into ETFs and out of active mutual funds, it’s still a sight to behold.

Source: ICI 2020 Fact Book


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