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My favorite ETF reads this week, along with my ETF chart of the week!


Hertz, High Yield ETFs And The Fed by Peter Tchir

“The Treasury has made money on their high yield ETF purchases so far and that includes any declines that the HTZ bonds experienced.”


It’s Still Early, But Smaller Investors May Best Buffett With Airline ETF by Todd Shriber

“Robinhood users’ affinity for JETS continued as the ETF revisited those lows in April and again earlier this month. In fact, Buffett’s departure from airline stocks didn’t encourage JETS investors to follow suit.”


This Mutual-Fund-to-ETF Conversion Will Be an Important Test of Active Management by Lewis Braham

“Investors have spoken pretty loudly that they prefer ETFs to open-end funds, and we’re trying to meet their needs.”


ETF Chart of the Week:  The Fed provided the first look at specific bond ETFs purchased through the Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility (SMCCF).

Source:  Federal Reserve


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