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My favorite ETF reads this week, along with my ETF chart of the week!


No One Knows What Their Bond Fund Is Worth by Julie Segal

“ETF experts say that counterintuitively, the prices of ETFs, which trade on an exchange, were accurate representations of the value of those ETFs’ entire basket of securities — even if prices couldn’t be determined for the individual bonds.”


Insurance Firms Using ETFs More by Todd Rosenbluth

“While 35% of insurers use ETFs, the funds represented just 0.46% of admitted assets, leaving significant room for growth.”


3 Things About ESG Investing We Can All Agree On by Ben Johnson

“Like any active decision, the only guarantee is that ESG investors’ performance will be different than the market.”


‘Bankrupt in Just Two Weeks’—Individual Investors Get Burned by Collapse of Complex Securities by Akane Otani and Sebastian Pellejero

“If institutions aren’t buying this, the retail investor shouldn’t be either. Otherwise they’re the sucker at the poker table that doesn’t know it. If a product is so complex that you can’t explain it to your partner, then you shouldn’t buy it.”


ETF Chart of the Week:  The US Global Jets ETF (JETS) began March with approximately $35 million in assets. Three months later, the ETF remarkably eclipsed $1 billion in assets as investors bet on a rebound in airline stocks.  Less than 20% of existing ETFs have at least $1 billion in assets!

Source:  MarketWatch


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