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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF chart of the week!


Looking Into The Tragedy of TVIX by Dave Nadig

“Credit Suisse is doing the single worst, least consumer-friendly version of ‘closing’ that’s possible in modern markets.”


Why the Fed pays ETF trading commissions when small investors don’t by Jeff Benjamin

“Going on, Robinhood or another place to buy ETFs commission free is not an option for them.”


ETF-prenuers: An Introduction to ETF White Label Services by Wes Gray

“We believe the tax-efficiency, transparency, and low-cost nature of the ETF structure will ensure that the investment vehicle remains a favorite for investors in the future. Setting up an ETF is a serious endeavor that requires a full commitment.”


Dimensional Investing in an Active ETF Structure by Dimensional

“Dimensional recently announced plans to add to our investment offering by launching three new actively managed exchange traded funds.”


ETF Chart of the Week:  Bond ETF inflows are on record pace this year, aided by Federal Reserve purchases of investment grade corporate and high yield bond ETFs.

Source: Arbor Research & Trading


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