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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF chart of the week!


ETF Tax Efficiency Gets Boost by Lara Crigger

“While these changes may seem ‘inside baseball’, the end result is a creation/redemption process that functions more smoothly.”


Leveraged ETP popularity raises gambling risk, experts warn by Steve Johnson

“It’s almost certain that you have got a number of people using these products who don’t know, effectively, what they are doing.”


Good Stories Often Translate Into Bad Investments by Alex Bryan

“If you find a thematic ETF appealing, it’s generally prudent to keep the position small and do your homework before buying.”


At $5 Trillion, the ETF Market Is Showing Signs of Saturation by Katherine Greifeld

“Almost a third of all existing ETFs were launched within the past three years, yet they account for only about $2 of every $100 currently invested in the industry.”


ETF Chart of the Week:  Bloomberg’s Athanasios Psarofagis highlights the enormous dispersion in returns this year between the best-performing large cap value ETF, the Fidelity Value Factor ETF (FVAL), and the worst performing, the iShares Focused Value Factor ETF (FOVL).  Value-focused ETFs as a whole continue to underperform the broader market.

Source: Bloomberg’s Athanasios Psarofagis


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