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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF chart of the week!


QQQ’s Stellar ETF Rise by Cinthia Murphy

“Many see Nasdaq as the home of growth and big tech stocks. QQQ is the wrapper that encapsulates that. There’s value in that brand.”


How Cathie Wood Beat Wall Street By Betting Tesla Is Worth More Than $1 Trillion by Antoine Gara

“In 2012, she proposed putting actively managed portfolios of innovative companies inside an ETF structure. The idea got nowhere at AllianceBernstein.”


Thematic ETFs Can Be Hit Or Miss by Ron DeLegge

“Thematic ETFs are usually best used as satellite positions that complement much larger core positions in broadly diversified funds.”


ETF Chart of the Week: A key theme this year has been the continued rise of thematic ETFs, which offer exposure to areas such as cloud computing, video games, sports betting, and clean energy.  In the third quarter of 2020, thematic ETF assets jumped 42% from the prior quarter – a combination of new investor money and strong market returns.

Source:  Global X ETFs


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