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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF chart of the week!


Five Surprising ETF Facts by Phil Mackintosh

“One of the great features of ETFs is how well they work for so many investors.”


Big New ETF Players May Be Ready to Bring Back the Price Wars by Claire Ballentine

“You can’t come 26 years and nearly $5 trillion late to the ETF market and charge a premium fee and expect to gather assets.”


A Quasi Fixed Income Solution From NAPR by Kevin Kleinman

“As buffered ETFs become more broadly adopted, other use cases are popping up. One of them is for deep in the money buffered ETFs to act as quasi fixed income ETFs.”


A New Junior QQQ Provides Unique ETF Exposure by Todd Rosenbluth

“There are 35 companies that are in QQQ that used to be part of the index behind QQQJ and have graduated.”


ETF Chart of the Week:  Since 2010, actively managed U.S. equity funds have hemorrhaged over $2 trillion in assets.  ETFs have played a key role as investors have abandoned active mutual funds and gravitated towards index-based ETFs.  However, total assets in active U.S. stock funds have doubled.  How?  A raging bull market for the better part of 10+ years… a “bull market subsidy”.

Source: Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas


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