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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


How Big is Too Big? by Dave Nadig

“Commoditized beta exposure may be hard to penetrate, but then again, so is the market for countless commoditized goods and services.  It’s hard to break into copy-paper too.”


Everything is Growing by Toroso Investments

“The innovations in financial services linked to ETFs have seen massive adoption and growth.”


Derivatives a big part of suddenly popular bond ETFs by Ari Weinberg

“Before bond ETFs became popular, there had not been significant options markets on leading fixed-income indices.”


Crashing a $5.2 Trillion Party: Debut ETF Issuers Hit Record by Claire Ballentine

“Eventually, every asset manager will probably have an ETF product.”


From mutual fund to ETF: first conversion nears completion by Jackie Noblett

“Guinness Atkinson expects to complete the industry’s first transformation of a mutual fund into an ETF by year-end.”


‘Shark Tank’ investor Kevin O’Leary says bitcoin is too volatile for his portfolio — but says he would own a crypto ETF by Emily Graffeo

“Give me the top 7 cryptocurrencies, put them into an ETF wrapper, and let me invest in it with liquidity.”


How To Buy A Bitcoin ETF by Drew Voros

“There is a bitcoin ETF in a physically backed structure that is similar to physically backed gold and silver ETFs here, and is identical to those in Europe.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:


ETF Chart of the Week:  “ETF Picasso”

Source: Bloomberg’s James Seyffart


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