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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


Defined Outcome ETFs Don’t Really Have Defined Outcomes by David Blanchett

“The problem is that the ETF universe of strategies is incredibly diverse and buffers are by far the most common strategy offered. Buffers, by definition, have significantly more tail risk, which I would characterize as definitely not having a defined outcome.”


Novogratz on crypto ETFs: There’s no doubt Canada is one step ahead of the U.S. by Jared Blikre

“Investors are being locked out of professional crypto investment advice by their investment advisors, which don’t have access to crypto ETF and mutual fund products.”


Worried Stocks Just Peaked? Get Paid To Sit Out The Market by Matt Krantz

“Given how low money market rates are, investors that want a little extra income and want the capital preservation ultra-short bonds provide, these ETFs are appealing.”


Disruptors Dominate 2020 Awards by Heather Bell

“Given the global pandemic and the acceleration of several trends that characterized markets in 2020, it seems fitting that the ETF industry’s biggest disruptors played a prominent role in the year’s nominations and award winners.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:  Sage advice…


ETF Chart of the Week:  If this table is any indication, plenty of investors are heeding Cade’s advice and doing the right thing despite hysteric media headlines surrounding SPACs and meme stocks. Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas notes Vanguard ETFs are taking in a whopping $1.5 billion every single day.

Source:  Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas


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