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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


Active ETFs Buck the Passive Trend, Succumb to Fee Compression by Elisabeth Kashner

“With a new fund type come new challenges for active managers. Not only must they compete on performance, but they must do so in a fiercely contested landscape with a laser focus on fees.”


Betting Against the Ark ETFs Is Good for Cathie Wood by Eric Balchunas

“But even beyond satiating those with ‘ARK Derangement Syndrome’, the new ETF might appeal to fundamentally-driven investors who feel as if Wood’s fund is due for a correction.”


Gensler’s Preference for Bitcoin Futures Products Is Likely Bad News for a Spot Bitcoin ETF by Nate DiCamillo

“It’s a really bizarre world where you can launch a bitcoin ETF in Canada, U.S. people can buy it through their brokerages, and you can create a U.S. ETF that includes Canadian ETFs, but a bitcoin ETF isn’t available in the U.S.”


Risk Management Made Easy by Jessica Ferringer

“Defined outcome ETFs can be a different way to take risk off the table for cautious investors, such as those heading into retirement.”


Q&A: Why DFA Is Converting Mutual Funds to ETFs by Coryanne Hicks

“We are still very early in the development of the active equity ETF space.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:  I don’t do this often (actually, I’ve never done it), but I’m pretty proud of this one.  And to the ESG ETF issuers, it’s all in good fun!  Investors are always the judge and jury on any ETF… they just need to look under the hood.


ETF Chart of the Week:  A combination of fee compression and investors gravitating towards lower cost products has occurred across all ETF categories, but particularly within actively managed ETFs…



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