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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


NYSE Eyes More Mutual Funds Converted to ETFs by Anna Lyudvig

“There are just so many benefits for a mutual fund manager coming to the ETF market.”


Q&A: Why Bitwise Believes Indexing is a Superior Crypto Strategy by Ben Strack

“The crypto industry has perhaps been overfocused on the institutional market and not on the advisor market, which built a huge swath of the ETF ecosystem into the multi-trillion-dollar market that it is today.”


ETF Investors Are Keeping It Simple in 2021 by Todd Rosenbluth

“The 10 largest ETFs gathered $152 billion in the year ended August 13 and manage $1.9 trillion in assets.”


The age of the ETF is looming by Robin Wigglesworth

“The ETF is an adaptable wrapper for all sorts of investment strategies, and able to package up virtually any market into tradeable, Lego-like blocks of risk.”


The Advantages Of Thematic ETFs by Sumit Roy

“Thematic ETFs tend to be flexible, holding stocks from across multiple sectors and industries.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:  ARK’s Cathie Wood was back in the headlines (what else is new) after Scion Asset Management’s Michael Burry (of “The Big Short” fame) disclosed a short position against the ARK Innovation ETF.  Wood defended her holdings, a rather common occurrence over the past few years as various naysayers have sought to bet against or minimize ARK’s success.  Interestingly, some of those taking shots are underperforming fund managers, humorously captured here…


ETF Chart of the Week: State Street recently surpassed $1 trillion in U.S. ETF assets, joining iShares and Vanguard in the exclusive club.  Invesco, the fourth largest ETF issuer, has approximately $370 billion in assets.

Source:  Bloomberg’s James Seyffart


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