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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


‘ETF Rule’ Playing Out Nicely, So Far by Drew Voros

“With the ETF Rule, we are seeing a positive impact, with new and smaller ETF issuers taking full advantage of the lower barriers to entry.”


Strategic Beta Is Active Management by Ben Johnson

“Strategic-beta ETFs are arguably a new and more efficient way of making the same bets that investors hired active managers to make on their behalf for decades.”


Vanguard ETF Dethrones State Street for Biggest Annual Inflow by Elaine Chen

“It just shows the continued rise and utter dominance of Vanguard.”


Like the Mutual Fund? Meet the ETF by Nellie Huang

“Overall, the influx of active nontransparent ETFs means more choices for investors, which is a good thing. But although these ETFs offer many positives, there are also some caveats to understand before you jump in.”


Charts with Chartolini: Thematic ETFs are Similar, But Ultimately Different by Matt Bartolini

“Thematic ETFs are like a Spotify playlist, a collection of funds (songs) that exist in a similar area of focus (genre) that may strike a different tone from one another.”


Congress’ Proposal for ETF Tax Reform: Good Idea, Bad Execution by John Rekenthaler

“Chairman Wyden’s provision would ensure equality. That is a sound goal. Unfortunately, treating ETFs like mutual funds heads in the wrong direction. Better to do the reverse.”


When Will The US Get A Bitcoin ETF? by Sumit Roy

After eight years and counting, investors will take what they can get, even though the approval of the first U.S.-listed bitcoin ETF may not be the end of this ongoing saga.


ETF Tweet of the Week:  Fun fact on Vanguard’s ETF ticker symbols…


ETF Chart of the Week:  The below timeline of bitcoin ETF filings isn’t perfect, but I love the visual.  The SEC has been absolutely inundated with filings over the past 10 months.  Is October when the first bitcoin ETF finally gains approval?

(note: in the spirit of accuracy, the below is missing the Teucrium Bitcoin Futures Fund, which was originally filed on May 20th.  Bitwise also filed for a futures-based ETF on September 14th.  VanEck’s spot based ETF filing occurred on December 30th, 2020.  The wShares filing is technically not an ETF, but instead a trust like the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust except without a lockup period.)

Source:  Arcane Research’s Vetle Lunde


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