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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


What To Watch For In ETFs In 2022 by Todd Rosenbluth

“Investors’ growing comfort with ETFs in 2021 positions the industry for continued success in 2022.”


The Mutual Fund That Ate Wall Street – Based on an Index Few People Know About by Randall Smith

“The fund, from Vanguard Group, now accounts for 10% of all assets in U.S. stock mutual funds and ETFs in the market.”


Grayscale Investment wants its largest bitcoin trust to be an ETF. A miscue briefly made its wish come true. by Mark DeCambre

“At least Grayscale was an ETF for a day, if only on one platform.”


Direct Indexing Gains Momentum by Jessica Ferringer

“With the two largest ETF issuers willing to shell out to acquire this technology, it is no wonder the ETF industry at large is taking notice.”


Introducing The ETFinTwit 50: Part 2 by ETF Trends

“Think of it like an index fund of FinTwit.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:  While there is never a shortage of attention-grabbing stories in the world of ETFs – from bitcoin to thematics to ESG – investors continue gravitating towards the lowest cost, plain-Vanilla products…


ETF Chart of the Week:  Vanguard ETFs have taken in over $300 billion this year, obliterating the previous single issuer annual inflow record of approximately $200 billion…

Source:  Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas


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