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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


Wall Street Money Machine Booms as 445 ETFs Debut in Epic Year by Sam Potter & Emily Graffeo

“The stars are aligning right now for the ETF industry to a) evolve very quickly and b) take in flows.”


Investors Pour Nearly $1 Trillion In ETFs; What Are They Buying? by Matt Krantz

“U.S.-listed ETFs gathered $900 billion of new money with two weeks of trading left in the year, continuing to obliterate the prior record of $504 billion set in 2020.”


5 Tax Loss Harvesting Ideas Before Year-End by Kevin Kleinman

“When it comes to tax-loss harvesting, you can easily replace an ETF you own for the purposes of tax-loss harvesting, without losing your desired exposure.”


Are Spot Crypto ETFs Really Worth the Wait? by Christopher Robbins

“This simplicity and security, more than anything else, may be why so many advisors feel like true spot cryptocurrency ETFs are going to be worth the wait.”


What Does Demand For Bitcoin futures ETFs Look Like in 2022? by Ben Strack

“BITS just seems like it’s one of those ETFs that could be palatable enough to an advisor given that small roll cost, but at the same time have more kick than a blockchain stock ETF.”


2022 ETF Outlook: Expect Hundreds of Launches, Mostly Active Funds by Bernice Napach

“I forecast ETFs doing nothing more but exploding in interest.”


What’s Next For ETFs? by Jessica Ferringer

“There’s plenty of room for this industry to grow.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:  Bitcoin futures ETFs have been out in the wild for about two months and… well, they are who we thought they were.


ETF Chart of the Week:  The “Big Three” ETF issuers control approximately 80% of the ETF market.  However, the composition of that market share is evolving as Vanguard continues methodically vacuuming-up investor dollars.

Source:  Michael Batnick


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