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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


ETFs Adding Bitcoin Futures To Allocations by Dan Mika

“We prefer a spot bitcoin ETF, and we’re trying our best to work with the regulators in the U.S. to get them comfortable with our framework.”


How a Flood of Money Swamped Cathie Wood’s ARK by Jason Zweig

“What’s happened at ARK is a counterblast to the belief that ETFs are superior in every way to mutual funds.”


Here’s What’s Ahead for Active ETFs in 2022: Cerulli by Bernice Napach

“Active ETFs, which were all the rage in 2021, are expected to continue their upward trajectory in 2022.”


Inflation-Fighting Funds Are Flooding the $7 Trillion ETF Market by Katie Greifeld

“Getting investors’ attention is half the battle and the word inflation is doing that right now.”


Asset manager models use ETFs with higher prices, lower returns: study by Tobias Salinger

“Financial advisors need to look inside a model portfolio to understand the risk and reward traits of the underlying holdings.  While using an ETF filled with only products from one firm is easy, it is not always prudent.”


Charting the Market: Keeping Score of Active Equity Performance in 2021 by Matt Bartolini

“Active equity mandates fared better in 2021 than in prior years, as only 50% of managers underperformed their benchmarks last year.”


Factor Series: Momentum by Devin Bos

“Don’t make Beef Wellington with cow tongue, and understand the details of fund factor exposures in your portfolios.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:  ETFs are now driving the lion’s share of Vanguard’s asset growth, a reflection of overall investor demand for the products compared to traditional mutual funds…


ETF Chart of the Week:  ETF trading volumes set a new record in 2021, hitting $36 trillion. That volume represented 25% of all trading on US exchanges.

Source:  State Street’s Matt Bartolini


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