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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


Once cheap ETFs lose market share as relentless price war continues by Steve Johnson

“Falling fees in the ETF industry are one of the most positive developments in asset management over the last 20 years.”


Gold, silver ETF owners face 28% top tax rate on profits. That’s higher than levies on stocks by Greg Iacurci

“The IRS has taken the position they’re actually collectibles because they’re backed by bullion.”


How Wall Street star Cathie Wood is defying her doubters by David Randall

“People like to bet on somebody and look someone in their face and see their conviction.”


Russia & The Rules Governing Indexes by Cinthia Murphy

“As index providers, we don’t have discretion to remove companies or countries just because they are doing bad things. This is all about investability.”


Clearing the Inbox: ETFs that Hold Only Russian Equities by David Mann

“I have been in the ETF business for almost 20 years and have never seen an underlying country’s financial markets behave like this within one of our ETFs.”


Survey Shows Top Priorities for Investors by Elle Caruso and James Comtois

“After breaking records in 2021, ETFs are in for another big year in 2022.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:  There was big news in the ETF world with industry veteran Todd Rosenbluth joining ETF Trends & ETF Database.  Despite the industry’s massive growth over the past decade, the ETF community remains close-knit – which makes moves like this exciting for everyone covering the space.  Congrats, Todd!  Read more about Todd’s ETF journey here.


ETF Chart of the Week:  While stats such as these from FactSet’s Elisabeth Kashner (via the Financial Times) have become commonplace with the relentless march of falling ETF fees, they still boggle the mind:

“In December 2017, the asset-weighted average expense ratio for ETFs that had gained market share from their direct competitors was 0.19%, while the losers cost 0.26%. By December 2021, 0.19% was the price tag on market share losers. Successful funds now cost 0.16%.”

Source:  Financial Times’ Steve Johnson


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