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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


The ETF industry is raking in cash, but advisors have plenty of worries by Bob Pisani

“It’s both good times, and difficult times for the exchange-traded fund financial advice industry.”


Vanguard’s special ETF patent expires next year. Does it matter? by Adrian D. Garcia

“The share class strategy has big opportunities: You’re launching with an existing fund with an existing track record, so from a marketing perspective that’s clearly an advantage.”


Cathie Wood Snaps Back At Critics, Predicts 50% Annual Returns by Sumit Roy

“Wood’s confidence in the face of a brutal year for her ETFs was no doubt reassuring for her investors.”


A Spot Bitcoin ETF Still Seems Unlikely by Nikhilesh De

“The SEC wrote that the stock exchanges sponsoring spot crypto ETFs have ‘not sufficiently’ argued against the agency’s concerns about manipulation and fraud.”


VTI vs. SPY: How Total Market ETFs Measure Up Against The S&P 500 by David Dierking

“It shouldn’t be surprising that two ETFs with an 84% overlap are so similar to each other.”


Active isn’t DOA but living on in new ways, ETF analyst says by Kathie O’Donnell

“The rise of passive is definitively making active better.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:  A new Nasdaq survey found that 72% of financial advisors would be more likely to invest client assets in crypto if a spot ETF were available.  But… Still. No. Spot. Bitcoin. ETF.


ETF Chart (Picture) of the Week:  This past week was all about Exchange: An ETF Experience.  The ETF industry gathered for four action-packed days in Miami Beach to talk everything ETFs.  If you’re looking for a recap – shameless plug – look no further than this week’s ETF Prime podcast.  ETF Trends’ Dave Nadig and Todd Rosenbluth, Advisor Circle’s John Swolfs, and I recorded this live at the event (picture below courtesy of Todd) and covered all the key takeaways.  I’ve come across several excellent written recaps as well, including here, here, and here.


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