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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


The SEC’s Potential Thorn for Thematic ETFs by Dan Mika

“The SEC’s proposal would expand it to include strategies, factors, and other investing terms with less universally-defined meanings.”


ETF Market Thriving Despite Challenging Conditions by Jessica Ferringer

“The fact that issuers are feeling optimistic about developing new products in a very different economic environment shows the tenacity and versatility of ETF issuers.”


Grayscale’s ready to go to war over its bitcoin ETF by Benjamin Pimentel

“The opportunity in front of regulators is to really give investors fair and safer and more familiar access to bitcoin as an investment by approving an ETF.”


Bitcoin Is About The Worst Thing You Could Invest In by Matt Krantz

“Wondering just how bad Bitcoin ETFs have been as an investment this year? Only seven stocks in the S&P 500 are worse.”


Interest in ESG cools as focus on transparency heats up by Ari Weinberg

“Ninety percent of these ETFs launched after March 7, 2016.”


Have Strategic-Beta ETFs Lost Their Sizzle? by Ben Johnson

“Environmental, social, and governance investing, actively managed ETFs, and thematic funds now hog the spotlight.”


Arbitrage and the Trading Costs of ETFs by Larry Swedroe

“The evidence suggests that investors attracted to the low expense ratios (and tax efficiency) of ETFs also need to seriously consider the premium or discount to NAV the fund is trading at.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:  SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce (aka “Crypto Mom”) delivered some fiery remarks this week on crypto regulation and her dissatisfaction with the agency failing to approve a spot bitcoin ETF.  The entire speech is well worth a read, along with color commentary from Craig Salm, Chief Legal Officer of Grayscale – who has an SEC filing to convert their Grayscale Bitcoin Trust into an ETF.  A decision on that filing is expected soon and Grayscale has indicated they could pursue a lawsuit if denied.  That makes Commissioner Peirce’s comments all that more interesting…


ETF Chart of the Week:  This past week, J.P. Morgan successfully completed the conversion of a fourth mutual fund into an ETF.  The firm has now converted approximately $9 billion in mutual funds, bringing the industry total to well over $50 billion.  Expect this trend to continue…

Source:  NYSE


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