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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


Many ETF Bright Spots in the First Half of 2022 by Todd Rosenbluth

“While 2021 was the party year of the ETF, so far 2022 is the year where rational advisors and investors have discovered a wide range of great products at their disposal.”


Cathie Wood’s flagship Ark fund draws in $1.5bn even as tech stocks tumble by Emma Boyde

“Financial advisers are using a small slice of their portfolios to hold thematic ETFs like ARKK.”


Unpacking the Latest Bitcoin ETF Rejections by Nikhilesh De, Jack Schickler, and Cheyenne Ligon

“Even if the bitcoin ETF rejections are all similar, it’s always worth digging in and seeing what the Securities and Exchange Commission’s reasoning is, and what we can learn from it.”


New ETFs only invest at night and aim for dreamy returns by Jeff Benjamin

“Just when you think the ETF industry is out of new ideas, here comes something like this.”


Bond ETFs Attract New Investors With Narrower Offerings by Ari Weinberg

“Investors are looking for tools to disaggregate the Agg.”


Alternative ETFs at Mid-Year by Brad Zigler

“Just five of our 14 benchmark alternative ETFs gained ground this year.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:  Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas delivers an excellent summary of ETF flows, trading volume, and launches in the first half of 2022 (click tweet to read entire thread).  The numbers were certainly impressive, especially when considering the S&P 500 just posted its worst first half in 52 years and broad bonds had their worst start ever.


ETF Chart of the Week:  A colorful breakdown of ETF assets by asset class (if you’re new to ETFs or looking for a quick refresher on ETF structure, I highly recommend reading the article this chart came from)…

Source:  Nasdaq’s Phil Mackintosh


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