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My favorite ETF reads over the past week, along with my ETF tweet and chart of the week!


New Single-Stock ETFs Target Twitter, Peloton by Heather Bell

“35 different stocks are represented in the filings.”


The Math of Single-Stock ETF Rebalancing by Dave Nadig

“This is a classic case of something that isn’t an issue until it is.”


Single-Stock Levered ETFs Are Financial Mutants by Jared Dillian

“The Securities and Exchange Commission has just approved leveraged and inverse ETFs on single stocks. As they say on social media, I’m left SMH.”


The Index Inclusion Effect Isn’t Cause for Concern by Ryan Jackson

“Despite index funds’ increased popularity, the index inclusion effect has generally trended downward over the past 25 years.”


ESG Fund Closures Pile Up as Do-Good Investing Takes Back Seat by Elaine Chen

“An unforgiving year for markets has put do-good investing firmly in the back seat.”


Dividend ETFs Keep Getting Larger. It’s Survival of the Biggest. by Lawrence C. Strauss

“Most of the biggest dividend ETFs outperformed the broader market.”


ProShares Exec: Bitcoin Futures ETF a ‘Real, Robust and First-class Solution’ by Ben Strack

“As we stand today, the futures-based ETF is not at all a second-class citizen.”


Spot bitcoin ETF approval hinges on big ask by Crystal Kim

“The prospect of a bitcoin spot ETF isn’t likely to drive big digital-asset exchanges to subject themselves to the level of scrutiny the SEC requires.”


ETF Tweet of the Week:  While lagging their 2021 record-setting pace, ETF inflows are still posting a highly impressive year given the tumultuous financial markets.  The tired refrain from naysayers is that ETF investors will fold in rocky markets.  This despite the fact that ETFs vacuumed-up assets following 2008’s Global Financial Crisis, 2018’s fourth quarter meltdown, 2020’s Covid Crash, among other examples.  Every time there’s a significant market pullback, investors run from expensive, underperforming investment vehicles into ETFs’ waiting arms…


ETF Chart of the Week:  Retail investors have been huge buyers of ETFs over the past few years, plunking $270+ billion into the products since January 2019.  That represents about 72% of all net retail buying based on data from Nasdaq Data Link.  If only ETFs received half the media attention that meme stocks did…

Source:  Nasdaq’s Phil Mackintosh


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